There’s lots of Olympics news to catch-up on;

  • BBC on the athletes attempting to get into the Games.
  • With a look at the shooting events we have the Londonist.
  • Shop workers’ union USDAW say that their members are opposed to suspending the Sunday trading laws.
  • A new site Greenwash Gold looks at the truth behind the idea of the greenest games ever.
  • It’s Olympic poster madness at Random Blowe.
  • The Guardian on the branding police to protect the Olympics brand.
  • Good news everyone! The Olympics are on budget, ahem. Evening Standard.
  • Red Pepper on reclaiming the Olympics.
  • More on corporate sponsors at Occupy News Network and Corporate Watch.
  • Amateur photographer is concerned about what the Olympics means for photography (853 on the same story).
  • Haringey young people have bagged Olympics jobs. Hornsey Journal.
  • Lives, running asks us to meet the Olympics human rights campaigners.
  • We should be enjoying the Games says the Evening Standard.
  • Finally Counterfire has news of a major demonstration planned during the Games (and Guardian).

Well done if you got through all that.




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