The newly formed formed protest group Bikes Alive held its first protest last night to highlight road safety for cyclists.

Picture from London Indymedia

The group stated that “Transport for London (TfL) is quite clear that it is deliberately putting cyclists’ lives at risk (not only passively, but actively by designing dangerous “cycle superhighways”), in preference to re-balancing road usage to prioritise people over machines. TfL says that nothing must be done to slow down motor vehicles.”

The protest involved hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians coming together to block the busy King’s Cross / York Way junction, which is widely regarded by cyclists as dangerous (see Dawn Foster) and has sadly claimed the lives of a number of cyclists.

This cross between traffic calming and direct action aims to spur TfL into taking real action on this and other junctions.

You can see some great pictures of the protest at London Loves Business, Demotix, the Guardian and London Indymedia.




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