• The last Mayor’s Question Time of this Mayoral term yesterday was a bad tempered tribal affair. Londonist reports.
  • Liberal Conspiracy are detecting a lack of the Tory brand on Mayor Johnson’s campaign material.
  • Some Tories are becoming a bit jittery about their candidate. London Daily News.
  • Meanwhile Snipe’s Adam Bienkov is skeptical about Johnson’s “progress report” that claims 91% of promises were delivered.
  • Also in Snipe Darryl Chamberlain puts his voluminous local knowledge to work to point out a little bit of Labour’s hypocrisy.
  • Talking of the Labour campaign there was an unexpected an unwelcome intervention at one of Ken’s walkabouts. Tory Troll.
  • The Daily Mash makes its first appearence in these round-ups with its ‘Livingstone promises more magical nannies’ scoop.
  • Green candidate Jenny Jones sets out her vision for London at the LSE blog.
  • GlasLondon have also interviewed Jones on the Green campaign.
  • Brent Liberal Democrats are feeling the fire from Cllr Krupesh Hirani.
  • The Guardian have been out vox popping on what Londoners think about cycle safety.
  • Finally, in possibly our first mention of the 2014 council elections (gasp), the BBC report that the Hackney riot heroine, Pauline Pearce, is to stand for council for the Liberal Democrats. A ward where they will have to more than double their vote to get elected, goo luck with that.

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