We have a bumper crop for you today, partly catching up on a couple of day’s missed round-ups. Enjoy!

  • Inside Croydon reports on concerns over Purley’s swimming pool.
  • Downhills school in Haringey has had its governors sacked. Haringey Greens.
  • The Haringey Independent reports that dog owners are spitting chips over proposals to restrict park use.
  • The Guardian is full of praise for Plan B’s riot song. See what you think.
  • Let’s here it for Ealing’s traffic wardens, strike report in Socialist Worker.
  • Reuters says that London has been impoverished by the plutocrats. Yes, Reuters.
Election watch
  • Ken Livingstone will declare London’s independence if he wins. Evening Standard.
  • Livingstone is being accused of making comments about Jews. Liberal Conspiracy makes the case for the defense.
  • Inside Croydon sees Ed Miliband on Livingstone’s campaign trail. I’m sure that will help.
  • The Green Party’s Jenny Jones has written for Croydon Today on the need for 20 mph limits.
  • 853 discusses the impact the mayoral candidates have had on London.
  • Nick Venedi was not impressed with Brian Paddick’s attitude towards the Greeks.
  • Siobhan Benita says we can have a 24 hour train service in London. Metro.
  • The Asian Age also mentions Siobhan, but worries she may be too normal for politics.
  • Meanwhile the Evening Standard describes her as Borgen.
  • If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “Is Boris Working?” this site is for you.
  • The Sack Boris campaign has just set up its “sackometer”.
  • Can we trust the Mayor’s crime figures? The BBC thinks not.
  • Adam Bienkov wonders whether Mr Johnson’s team understands the social media storm. I’ll stop talking about Boris now…
  • South London’s finest, Wolgang Moneypenny, has discovered a sure fire policy to lose votes. Shut down the tube.
  • Londonist looks at the people in the race who aren’t Ken or Boris.
  • While Snipe thinks the winner will be “don’t know”.
Get yourself registered to vote
  • Are you registered to vote? If not go here and get yourself signed up.




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