Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate Brian Paddick spoke to Radio Taxis on his Mayoral vision.

Our view;


There are a few things to note here.

a) nice theme tune.

b) Brian Paddick would have us believe he calls Taxis “little black buses”.

c) he is very concerned about parking around public toilets because like to wee a lot.

d) he thinks private hire cars avoid parking tickets where black cabs get them.

e) Paddick believes that pedicabs are a “bloody nuisance” and should go back to Asia. He’d ban them completely.

f) He thinks New York cabbies should all learn to speak English.

g) He thinks cabbies should be represented on the TfL board.

h) He’s for priority traffic lights that let taxis through before other vehicles.

i) He’s for replacing small planes with “monster planes” to increase aviation capacity. Oh the humanity of the “greenest candidate”!


Out of nine I make that seven sorts of wrong and two sorts of right – and one of those was the theme tune.




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