In a crucial YouGov poll (pdf) it has been revealed that most voters think that Dr Who probably votes Green while EastEnders’ Pat Butcher is solid Labour.

An artist rendition of a recent Green Party canvassing session

Almost one  in four people thought that Doctor Who would be a Green voter. However, it was the over forties who were most convinced that the Time Lord was in favour of sensible cycling policies and saving the earth from global environmental threats, while younger viewers actually had him pegged as a Liberal Democrat or Conservative.

Whether this means that the second generation of Who is politically distinct from the original or that the older generation fondly remembered John Pertwee from his role as field dwelling Worzel Gummidge as well as the Gallifreyan we may never be allowed to know.


Voters, we’ve got to talk

It was also revealed that 42% of those polled thought thuggish, wife beating, crack addict Phil Mitchell was probably a Labour man, or failing that 23% thought he’d probably vote BNP. However, woe betide any hapless fool who demands he publishes his tax returns.

In a slap in the face for Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow most voters thought he would vote Conservative, clearly unaware of his radical leftist past, having spent time in jail in 1967 after being arrested at a protest. His fire dimmed, he is reduced to being a Guardian reader these days, but Conservative? Surely not.

The nation was convinced that the Vicar of Dibley was a Liberal Democrat and David Brent a Conservative. Interestingly voters were most likely to think that Postman Pat would vote the same way as them, whoever they were, and that Basil Fawlty was the fictional character most likely to vote for UKIP.



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  1. I think this conclusively proves that politicians are doing a fantastic job of confusing people. I’m with the Doctor on the Green vote!

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