Time for a bumper crop Olympics news links:

  • Ceasefire Magazine on the Olympics and social cleansing.
  • We have public art Olympics stylee at Brockley Central, BBC.
  • Evening Standard on kids at Olympics protests.
  • There’s also a ParaOlympics exhibit on tour BBC.
  • Also on the BBC how the Olympics changed Barcelona.
  • Londonist on getting ready for the Games and how it links in with the elections.
  • There’s some concern that Heathrow immigration wont cope with the influx BBC.
  • Counterfire takes a look at the corporate Olympics. Also Shasha Khan on the same theme.
  • In Greenwich one Labour councillor has lost his Olympics role after challenging for the party leadership 853.
  • Also on 853 has Lewisham flopped on the Olympics legacy?
  • Seems like some people will be getting away for the Olympics. News Shopper.

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