Hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday so far. Here’s some London links for you.

Election Watch
  • At the new site Who Voted What you can look up your ward and find out how they voted in 2008.
  • The Evening Standard says that for Boris and Ken the car is still king of the road.
  • Ken Livingstone is mourning the death of Osama Bin Laden, if you believe the Mail.
  • The Telegraph assesses the man’s ability to gaffe.
  • They also mention that he claims to have voted for Ed Miliband in the leadership election. Ummmm.
  • Meanwhile Livingstone puts his case to MumsNet.
  • While Keith Flett calls for a return of his “vote winning” mustache.
  • Brian Coleman admits that this is a “this is a nasty, dirty campaign”. Broken Barnet says goodbye to the man.
  • Hugh Muir of the Guardian diary spots that Boris may have to start talking to the RMT after-all.
  • Londonist takes a positive look at Brian Paddick’s manifesto.
  • Fellow Guaridanista Dave Hill checks out who he should vote for and comes up…. Green.
  • Jenny Jones calls for the legalisation of drugs.
  • Siobhan Benita in the Guardian calls for the price fixing of housing.
  • Her other policies are covered by the BBC.
  • Mayor Watch has a nice little piece on how the votes are actually counted on the big day.




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