Something for the weekend?

  • Police in Islington hand details of informants to criminals. Islington Tribune.
  • Hackney Citizen reports on Hackney Council’s climb down over disabled woman’s eviction.
  • A man on Tottenham Court Road was arrested after a suicide bomb threat. Camden New Journal (exclusively show my elbow in their pic, no attribution though).
  • London’s rents are 75% higher than the rest of the country. Inside Housing.
  • Through the Scary Door says there’s a twist in the tale over the housing scandal.
  • There’s a coming homeless holocaust according to Johnny Void.
Election watch
  • The Guardian’s Dave Hill sums up the polls.
  • Brian Paddick wants a softer approach to cannabis. Evening Standard.
  • Stylist Magazine reports on Siobhan Benita’s Borgen vs the main stream BorKen.
  • Helena Williams wont be giving her second preference to Johnson. Speakers Chair.
  • Riding a bike is dangerous, live with it. Boris Watch on Tory attitudes to cycling.
  • Salma Yaqoob from Respect says Labour “has gone a bit mad since Bradford”, but still wants you to vote Livingstone. Guardian.
  • Meanwhile George Galloway says Ken must return to his red roots. Evening Standard.
  • Siobhan Benita also thinks Labour is “in complete meltdown” Total Politics.




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