A few of the accumulated links and stories about the Olympics that have stacked up during the election coverage;

  • Museum Lines takes a look around HMS Ocean here to protect us during the running and jumping.
  • The Mail says you’ll only be able to buy water inside the stadium… for security.
  • Residents demand the MOD back down over missiles. East London Lines.
  • The BBC reports that the courts will have to close during the Olympics.
  • Ex-Blur frontman denounces the corporate games. BBC.
  • Lives Running gives us a view of what transport will look like during the Games.
  • Also we may see “drugs cheats” taking part Lives Running and BBC on Dwain Chambers and Road.cc on David Millar.
  • Not a great fan of these fake bomb things journos do – but the Guardian reports on this one.
  • Hadn’t realised it was possible to commit “dance fraud”. BBC.
  • A South London gay festival due for during the games has been cancelled. South London Press.
  • BBC reports the first ASBO of the games.
  • The legacy of the games…  I intend to escape.
  • Londonist lets us know about the guided Olympic walks.




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